Why do we make 100% natural furniture?


 - Our Mission -

We are furniture makers and we are family. We strive for a healthy home. A safe place for our children. Through our natural production process, we contribute to saving our planet, so that it may be worth living on. We decided to do the right thing by producing furniture unlike any other company. It is hard work, and it is expensive - but only on the surface. Deep down where it counts we think everybody knows that quality and longevity wins the day. Deep down everybody knows that the plastic waste our societies produce are not sustainable, and that our home products should not contain risky materials and toxins.

Our mission is ongoing...

No plastic waste

A standard sofa usually contains 30-40 kg of polyurethane foam. That equals the average annual consumption of plastic packaging of an adult in the western world. We think this waste can be avoided. We think sofas - and other furniture - should be made in a way to contain no plastic at all.

Making furniture last for generations

We think that sofas should be made in a way that they can be re-upholstered, re-newed and inherited by the next generation. A classic polyurethane product is made of one block that just tires out and has to be thrown away. We on the other hand work in layers. Wood, Jute belts, springs, wool padding, latex, goose down, textiles. All layers can be individually repaired and replaced if need be. The product you rest on is healthy, more comfortable, and lasts for a generation - or two.

Local certified production and control

We have been producing plastic free furniture for the last ten years. Since the beginning, we have been choosing local providers to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, and also to keep a tight control on what goes into our products. We look at our suppliers carefully and we are running a workshop production that is both sustainable and human. We know who lays hand on the product at all stages of the process.

No toxines

When thinking about home furniture, surely style and colour is important. But never at the cost of our health. Breathing the air in our rooms, resting our head on our sofa should be risk free. There should be no toxines in our home products. There should be nor risk of allergies through poorly finished or treated materials. We believe in putting only good things into the objects we sell, because we live our lives on them and breathe them in. And we make sure our suppliers have the ecological certifications we require.

We teach our method

We have been sharing our way of producing and methods at the University of Bologna and the Academy of Visual arts of Frankfurt. We hope that soon all furniture will be produced like ours, and that the focus will once more be on quality and durability rather than on rapid fashions and consumption. We want to be part of that change.

 - Our Mission -

Climate change and plastic waste have come to the forefront of the news yet again in recent years.

It means that we need to work harder.
It means there is still a long way to go.

We have changed - for our tomorrow.
Have you?