100% plastic-free and natural
from start to finish

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails.

What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

Over 150 years later, Henry Thoreau's observation rings true with a new urgency that motivates us at D3CO every day.

Handmade locally and entirely near Milan, each of our creations is crafted individually, and is toxine- and plastic-free.

The focus of our company is on furniture and home products that last for generations - but that also disintegrate without residue, should the owners wish to discard them.


The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) label ensures that the products contain wood from responsibly harvested and verified forests that meet FSC demanding environmental, social and economical standards.


The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for raw textile materials, intermediate and final products thoroughly verified at each production stage.


For a healthy indoor climate it is important that products used indoors have very low emissions and comply with the official European E1 norm (EN 717-1). All our wooden compounds meet this standard, while several of them even comply with E0, the strictest (unofficial) emission class available.

Euro Latex

EuroLATEX is the representative body of all major European producers of latex foam components for the bedding and the upholstered furniture industry. The association was founded in 1990 by eight members to act as an intermediary between the industry and the EU authorities.

100% natural materials

In a standard sofa, you will find about 30-40 kilos of polyurethane foam, or in other words, plastic. Not so with us. A D3CO sofa is 100% natural.

A solid FSC certified wood frame from European forests. Jute belts. Steel springs. 100% natural latex padding. Goose down and or wool cushioning. Oekotex certified cotton inner layers. Steel zippers. And on top, the luxury of our pure silk, linen or cotton upholstery.

Ecological manufacturing

We care deeply about what goes into our sofas. We know all of our suppliers personally and check up on them. We prefer the local option to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We work by hand, as did our fathers and grandfathers. A classic polyurethane product is made of one block that just tires out and has to be thrown away, creating 30-40 kg of plastic waste. We on the other hand work in layers. Layers can be individually repaired and replaced if need be. The product you rest on is healthy, more comfortable, and lasts for a generation - or two.

D3CO furniture is made with care for you and for your environment

Eco friendly

Free of chemicals

Local suppliers

Free of plastic

Wood from EU forests


No toxins

No animal cruelty

Free of chrome


D3CO uses 100% natural textiles that are awarded the Oeko-Tex standard and certification. All natural, 100% plastic free. The leather we source is a chrome-free guaranteed mineral dyed, and thus an-allergic. We look for upholstery with the best quality features available, but also the most wonderful colour options. We work only with 100% Cotton, Linen, Silk and Leather.


We use only timbers of European spruce and beech trees with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. The lumber only comes from forests where the collection is guaranteed and controlled by that organisation. FSC is actively engaged in promoting a responsible use of the territory and the continuous reforestation of the collecting areas.


We use jute to make structural belts and also as an interlining fabric, to provide a connecting material between the sofa frame and the latex foam. Jute is a vegetable textile fiber obtained from lime or from the bark of plant stems. It is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It has a high tensile strenght and a low extensibility rate, and it provides a high-level transpiration to the product.


We love wool for our padding layers, where we use it to give structure or to divide layers. Wool is a wonderful natural product with many amazing properties. It absorbs sound, and has natural resistance to flames, which makes it a material of predilection for high risk environments such as airplanes and trains.

Goose feathers

Our padded sofas and cushions are made with real goose feathers, a light, insulating material capable of maintaining a stable body temperature. Its' high softness also provides extreme comfort. On request, feathers can be replaced by wool padding.


Bamboo being a grass, is the plant with the highest growth rate in the world and it can proliferate in any climate condition. Bamboo stems are sawn lengthwise in bends which are then high pressure glued in multilayered panels with oriented fibres, thus granting flexibility and endurance unknown to average wooden panels.


The most important material involved in D3CO production process is natural latex foam. Natural latex is distilled from Hevea plants and possesses extraordinary antibacterial properties. It is the most elastic material known in nature and it can immediately return to its original shape after any kind of stress: a unique feature only paralleled by human skin. Latex possesses higher specific gravity and lift than polyurethane foam, thus providing the advantage of having softness, flexibility and transpiration at the same time. All our latex is certified with the Euro Latex and Oekotex and Eco institute labels.


In rare cases, latex is not able to do the job. In these cases (at the moment ONLY our Quartz armchair) we will use a particular medical herb and natural oils based foam for padding. We will always note this in the description of the product, because even though this foam is based on 100% natural materials, it is the only non-compostable component we use. Those foams are certified, nonallergenic and harmless for children.


We use Oekotex certified cotton as inner lining, outer upholstery and for our seams. Thanks to this material it is possible to completely insulate the inner part of the sofa, making it an-allergenic and more comfortable. Our cotton inner layers also permit us to make our covers removable wherever we can. Our zippers are also part cotton - and part steel.


Our sofas metal parts are made of untreated or polished steel. Steel is an alloy, mainly composed of iron and carbon. High resistance and complete reusability in case of recycling are its prime features. Polished steel is a noble material used for structures and finishes, while the crude one is used in details such as springs and zippers, frames and coupling systems for the lining. Staples employed throughout the production process are made of this material as well.

Gold, Silver, Brass

Our precious metals are applied by galvanisation. This process involves electroplating, that is, running a current of electricity through a saline/precious metal solution. Thus a very thin layer is applied to a steel or iron object. - For example a screw or metal bar or else the foot of an object.