FAQ - Frequently asked questions


How long for the delivery

→ our standard delivery time is one to two weeks, depending on the location you are in, and also on the volume and weight of the pieces ordered.


How much does the delivery cost?

→ we offer free delivery to most European Union locations. Offshore locations may cost and extra shipping fee. In general, we try to deliver to you anywhere, just drop us an email if you’d like us to calculate shipping to your location.

Can I track the progress of my order?

→ We are currently working on a live tracking system. In the meantime, please feel free to drop us an email for any information you may need on the process of your order and updates.

What is the lead time?

→ All of our items are custom made, and we rarely hold stock. To produce one of our handmade pieces takes about 6-7 weeks.

Which countries do you ship to?

→ We offer free delivery to most European Union locations. Offshore locations may cost and extra shipping fee. In general, we try to deliver to you anywhere, just drop us an email if you’d like us to calculate shipping to your location. We deliver for free to the following locations (mainland, islands are not included):

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czechia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK

If I order several items, will they be delivered at the same time?

→ Yes, in order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we always group items, unless you notify us of a special urgency for one of your items. To do so, please call us or drop us an email.

Does my furniture require assembly?

→ The only pieces that require assembly are our libraries. For other pieces like sofas, they won't require any assembly unless the legs are 3" or longer in which case they might be shipped separately. You can always email us to confirm before we ship your order so you know exactly what to expect. We can also send you assembly instructions ahead of time.

What happens if the carriers loses my parcel?

→ This rarely happens however if this situation was to arise, send us an email and we can get this resolved for you.

How can I change my delivery address?

→ You can update your delivery address anytime with us prior to dispatch. If your item has dispatched, please contact the designated courier service that is in charge of your parcel. - If in doubt, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

Can I provide additional delivery instructions?

→ If you need to provide additional delivery info please contact the designated courier. Contact details will be provided on the dispatch email you received.

I have not heard from your delivery company yet.

Typically the shipping company requires a phone number of the client to get in touch a couple of days prior to delivery. Our delivery partners should contact you within 5 working days of your order being dispatched. If it’s been more than 5 days, please contact us and our customer service will resolve the question for you.

My order is arriving too soon and I am not ready to receive it what can I do?

→ As long as it hasn’t been dispatched yet, we can hold orders in our warehouse for up to 2 months, just let us know via email.

How can I contact your delivery company?

→ We’ll send an email to you once your products have dispatched with information on how to contact the delivery company that has your order.If you have not received this email, please notify us and we’ll get the information to you immediately.

What happens if I’m not there when delivery is attempted?

→ In all cases we would advise you try and be in on the original delivery date, so your items don’t stay too long in transit and you can enjoy them as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency and need to be out, please contact your assigned carrier and arrange for an alternate moment with them.

How do I know when my delivery will arrive?

→ Once your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive an email with all the delivery details you need. The courier will also contact you to advise of the date and time.

What are your delivery charges?

→ Our items are shipped free of charge in most European Union locations. For information on our Offshore or extra-EU delivery costs, please contact us via email.

How long will my item(s) take?

→ All of our products are handmade in Italy for you. Lead time is an approximate 6-7 weeks for the production, and another 1-2 weeks for the delivery. We always speed up procedures whenever possible. Some items may be in stock and ready prior.

How will my item(s) be delivered?

→ Once your item is finished and boxed, we will arrive for delivery with a special delivery service. You will receive an email with the necessary information that will allow you to book in your most convenient day. If you then need to reschedule delivery, you can do so by contacting the courier. Delivery will be made to the room of your choice and packaging will be removed on your request, though deliveries above the third floor are dependent on access to a lift. Our delivery partner can only deliver items up to the third floor that are 75kg or less if no lift is available for health and safety reasons. It is your responsibility to check that the items will fit through doors and staircases in their packaging before you place the order. Weekend Delivery: Delivery usually happens during weekdays, though some carriers do offer a Saturday or Sunday delivery option. Where applicable, you can opt for this with them directly.

Do you deliver to Islands or outside of the European Union?

→ We mostly do, but please drop us an email so we can work out the details of your delivery and eventual extra costs.

Can you take away my old sofa?

→ We’d love to, and believe this would be a useful feature. We’re currently looking to partnering with a charity to be able to do this, and serve the community at the same time. Not easy, since we operate in many countries. As soon as the system is up and running, we will let you know, in the meantime, we suggest to donate your sofa to a local charity instead of discarding it, if it’s not broken, it can still serve people in need.

What do I do if my furniture is delivered damaged?

→ If you discover the damage at the time of delivery, make a note with the delivery company so it's on record and accept the delivery. If you discover while it's being delivered or after the truck has left, email us within 24 hours along with photos and any other information you can provide, We can then assess to see the fastest way to resolve for you, since each case is different. We will always work to resolve towards your satisfaction.


What's your return policy?

→ We have an in-home trial for all of our products to make sure you love what you buy. The basics are that upon receiving, you have 15 days to try it out. If you don't like it we will ship it back for free and offer a full refund. If it's after 15 days but before 100 days after receiving, you can still return but you pay the shipping cost back to us.

Please see our dedicated shipping & returns page here.



What's included in the D3CO guarantee


  • Our sofa, armchair and footstool frames are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of delivery.
  • The filling and upholstery have a 1 year guarantee.
  • All of our other furniture is guaranteed for 1 year.
  • These guarantees don't cover fair wear and tear.

How long does your furniture last?


  • We hope it will last into the next generation, just as our grandparents furniture used to do.
  • That’s why we make sure, all pieces are easily repairable and that parts can be replaced.
  • We also use the most durable materials possible, such as our solid european union beechwood for the frames.
  • However, should you want to discard one of our products, you can do so, none of them leave residues in the environment.

Free fabric samples

Can I order samples?

→ You can order fabric samples for pretty much any of our products. The available sample options should be listed on each product page for you to choose from and order, or you can order a sample kit. Alternatively, you can just contact us directly and let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get some samples sent your way. In any case, it's always free.

Please see our dedicated page for your free fabric samples here.


Get in touch

Where is your furniture made?

→ All of our furniture is made in Lentate sul Seveso, between Milano, the capital of design (or so we Italians like to think) and lake Como. Visit us if you’re in the area, and we’ll gladly offer you a coffee and show you around our workshop!

Do you have a showroom where i can see the pieces?

→ We have a showroom at our workshop in Italy, near lake Como. We also partner with several shops that show our pieces. Please click for the list of our resellers.

How can I contact D3CO?

→ via email at info@D3CO.com, via phone at +39 036 2542037, or swing by for a coffee at Via Ticino 15, 20823 Lentate sul Seveso in Italy.

I have a sales question (B2B)

→ please call us on +39 036 2542037, or else contact our sales manager Eleonore at eleonore@D3CO.it.


You can also use our dedicated contact page here.


Alle natural furniture production

What materials do you use in your production?

→ We use only natural materials, and we are (as of our knowledge) the only sofa company worldwide to do so today. We use European Union Birchwood for our frames. On top of this, come jute belts and steel springs. These are covered by cotton, then a layer of pressed wool. On top of that come our 100% natural latex cushion, and around those for extra softness goose down feather covers. Our upholstery textiles are all natural as well: we use linen, cotton and silk, or a blend of those fibres.


How do you source your materials?

→ We aim at a kilometre zero production. This is not always possible, but wherever we have the choice, we choose the closer option to source our materials. We know all our suppliers personally, and have selected them carefully. Our materials carry a number of certifications, such as, among others, Oekotex, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), QUL (Qualitaets-Umweltfreundliche Latexmatratze), PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Chain of Custody), RINA (zero formaldehyde), Eurolatex eco natural.


Is the quality of a sustainable sofa as good as a normal sofa?

→ We make our sofas without the omnipresent polyurethane foam. Also, all our textiles, zippers, joints and feet contain no plastic, but are all natural. Instead of using one big block of material, that is glued together and then covered with textile, our sofas are made in layers and out of different materials that each have different characteristics. There are several clear advantages that add longevity and comfort.

      • you can remove the covers and clean them
      • you can shake up the feather cushions to plump them up again (whereas foam just tires and stops bouncing back)
      • our zippers are cotton and metal, thus much more durable than a plastic alternative
      • our joints are metal - or wood, thus more durable than plastic
      • you can update or repair the product easily over time, as all parts can be replaced
      • your family rests on products without toxic fumes
      • you actively protect the planet, as your sofa could be discarded anytime without residue

Customized furniture

Do you offer reupholstery?

→ D3CO is all about letting your product spend as much time in your home as possible. If you need a change of colour, let us know, and we’ll quote a new one and send it to you. If you need new fabric samples, that service is free as always.


I have a custom request for one of your pieces

→ no problem! We love a challenge and will help you with any special requirements, be it on the form or the upholstery.


I need help configuring my furniture

→ call us and we’ll help you find the right piece for you or adapt a piece.


Can I use my own fabric?

→ With our upholstered items, you can provide your own fabric if you would like, however, we will need to see a sample to make sure that the textile is usable in a sofa production. Also, we will let you know how much square meters will be needed for production.

Product care




  • All of our fabrics are woven from natural fibres and colours may differ ever so slightly from one batch to another. This is normal and part of what makes them unique and lovely. Rest assured though that all our suppliers carry out ongoing visual checks to ensure that nothing too extreme gets through the net.

  • Our fabrics will sustain normal wear and tear.


Stains or dirt


  • try with a damp cotton cloth first. The second step is the dry cleaner’s. If they just won't budge we recommend contacting a certified company that can send professional upholstery Cleaners to your house.

  • Removable covers: Your sofa is fitted with removable covers, but please don't put them in your washing machine. Beautiful fabrics need a little love and these ones should only be cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner.




  • Dust is one of the biggest culprits for causing a fabric to look tired and old. By hoovering your sofa you can remove the dust and dirt and bring the fabric and colour back to life.

  • The small but wide attachment for your hoover (yes that one with a small velvety strip on it) is actually intended for upholstery. But please take care with hard plastic nozzles, as these can leave marks on velvet and other upholstery.

Flat velvet


  • If your velvet is looking a little too crushed, then you can buy a velvet brush to bring the pile back to life.
  • And some clever types claim they can achieve the same effect with a velvet swatch.


Leather love


  • If you've gone for one of our lovely leather pieces, be sure to look after it. Our leather doesn't like belt buckles and sharp objects, neither does it really care for the sun - so do keep it away from direct sunlight or heat. Blot (never rub) spillages with a dry absorbent cloth and please, please, please don't use saddle soap or any other speciality cleaning products.


How to plump our squishy cushions


  • To keep our feather-wrapped foam cushions at their squishy best and help them maintain their shape, just give them a plump now and then.

  • Pick the cushion up from the corners and give it a good whack on each side to get the feathers moving.

  • Give the centre of each cushion a good bash so it's nice and neat. Then sit back and relax




  • Using polish containing silicone as it can spoil the finish over time.

  • Direct sunlight or heat which can stain, discolour, crack or warp it.

  • Dragging furniture across the floor. It will cause damage to the joints, not to mention your floor and your lower back!

  • Remove spills from your wooden product straight away using a clean, damp cloth and then dry immediately with a lint-free rag. Job done.

  • Wood needs a regular rub-down and dust off with a nice soft cloth.

  • Occasional wiping with a mild, wood-friendly detergent solution makes it feel a little more loved too.

  • Dry with a lint-free cloth.

  • Each piece of wood has its own unique grain pattern, which means you can sometimes get a slight variation in colour, shading and grain between different products and within the same product.

  • Small splits are a normal feature of all natural wooden furniture and will only add to the character of the piece!
    Things to avoid…
  • Using polish containing silicone as it can spoil the finish over time.

  • Direct sunlight or heat which can stain, discolour, crack or warp it.

  • Dragging furniture across the floor. It will cause damage to the joints, not to mention your floor and your lower back!

    Cleaning it up
  • Remove spills from your wooden product straight away using a clean, damp cloth and then dry immediately with a lint-free rag. Job done.


Metal Legs


  • Our top tip: stay clear of metal polishes. They'll damage your product's protective coating and spoil its good looks.

  • Give it a wipe with a clean cloth and buff with a lint-free rag if needed.

  • Be sure to avoid using metal polishing cloths that might have been impregnated with any of those metal polishing compounds we're trying to steer clear of.