D3CO designers

We pride ourselves in the whole process of manufacturing natural furniture: from collaboration with our designers, the selection of chemical-free materials to producing our furniture in a sustainable way.


CTRLZAK is a hybrid studio that integrates different disciplines and cultures. The founders, Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos, are both artists and designers in their own right. The Italian-Greek duo’s creations are inspired by their travels and experiences around the world and by their own rich cultural backgrounds.


Sara Ferrari

I have the feeling that, slowly, we are finally starting to make a difference as designers. But in a new, more responsible and relevant way. And I hope I am not wrong.


Marco Cattaneo + Chiara Salvucci

Bruno’s materials are, as in all D3CO products, completely natural. Our goal was to express this purity of materials also in the design of the piece. The creative process was a work of stripping down and purifying, in the search for essential and necessary simplicity.


ddp Studio

In the case of the sofa we created for D3CO, this approach was met and strengthened by the brands’ philosophy that is to use only 100% natural materials.


Vanessa Tambelli

I live in nature
I live with nature
I live eating what nature gives to me


Federico Peri

When designing Enrica, I wanted to achieve something functional, easy to install and above all, modular. My intention was to create something timeless which can be fitted into many different styles of interiors, from the minimalistic to the decorative. The last aspect was sustainability. Enrica is made of metal with an eco-paint finishing, exactly in the spirit of the D3CO collection.


Andrea Vecera

In the case of PANK I wanted to design a highly functional product for the places I imagined it inhabiting. Comfortable and reminiscent. I re-interpreted the structure of the old Liberty chair, which is definitely more uncomfortable, and I tried to give it more softness. Furthermore, I was interested in it being a "disheveled" object, a little out of the box.


Denis Guidone

Denis Guidone is a design and architecture studio based in Milan and Tokyo. Fascinated by the contrasts between the East and the West, he merges the aesthetics of these two extremes with unconventional and strict precision into an elegant, eye-catching appearance.


Paolo Cappello

Born in Verona, graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano.
After a three years collaboration with Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in Milan, in 2007 he setup his own studio in Verona where he collaborates with other professionals in architecture, communication and graphics.


Brian Sironi

Brian Sironi was born in Seregno, Italy in 1977. He graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a degree in Industrial Design and then began collaborating with architects, designers and professional artisans in the design industry, such as carpenters, blacksmiths, wood carvers and upholsterers.


Davide Barzaghi

I deeply believe that an enterprise is responsible for how it’s products will live and also be discarded. And I merged this concept of Lifecycle with my family tradition as furniture makers. My mother says “nobody sees the time you put into making an object, but everybody sees the object”. Perfectionism, longevity and eco sustainability are the key words for my designs.


Nadja Galli Zugaro

Nadja Galli Zugaro ‘designs the material’ using her tools as if they were pencils. She reconciles the repetitive regularity of the original industrial product with the imperfect uniqueness of the manual work.


Marc Sadler

French born in Austria, Marc Sadler currently lives in Milan. Citizen of the world (he has lived and exercised his profession in France, the United States, Asia and Italy), he collaborates with many companies in the furniture sector, small and large household appliances, lighting, industrial products, and is still strongly engaged in the sports sector with almost thirty-year long collaborations.